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Up All Night

20 May
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As my Mamaw said: I love everyone and everyone loves me. And damn you if you don't!

80s music, alternative music, ancient america, ancient egypt, anonymous 4, archaeology, arctic monkeys, art, astronomy, austen, authors, baking, ballet, ballroom dance, black and white films, blue october, bluegrass, blues, books, botticelli, buffy, celtic music, celtic poetry, chagall, charlaine harris, chelsea quinn yarbro, chocolate, coffee, cooking, creative writing, dante, dean martin, death cab for cutie, delibes, dogs, dorothy parker, dragons, drawing, dumas, e.f. benson, england, english literature, etymology, faeries, fairy tales, fairy tales for adults, fandom wank, fauvism, folklore, france, french, french bulldogs, gardening, gauguin, german shepherds, gothic horror, greece, grim and evil, gustave klimt, habitat for humanity, herbal remedy, herbs, herbs and spices, hieroglyphics, history, holly black, horror, horses, icons, illiad, inspiration, intelligence, ireland, italy, jane austen, kronos quartet, languages, laughter, libraries, linguistics, literature, living in the south, mary janice davidson, medieval history, michelangelo, monet, myth, mythology, oceanography, opera, original fairy tales, painting, philosophy, photography, picasso, poetry, portugal, pre-raphaelites, pretty icons, psychology, reading, reading/writing, recipes, relaxation, robert pattinson, rossetti, rpattz, rpattz/tomstu, scotland, shakespeare, smallville, south, southern hospitality, southern manners, southern rock, spain, stephenie meyer, sterling silver, stock icons, sudden inspiration, textless icons, the historian, the odyssey, travel, vampires, wales, werewolves, westerns, william shakespeare, writing, writing contests